“NCCS-CPAN CRICKET AWARDS 2019” to be held in Kathmandu on 5th March, 2019 (२०७५ फाल्गुण २१ गते)

This event will be a wonderful celebration of Nepalese cricket and an occasion to recognize our cricket players’ achievements and contributions…

This year, the award will be given in 5 different categories:

1. NCCS-CPAN Cricketer of the Year (Men)
2. NCCS-CPAN Cricketer of the Year (Women)
3. NCCS-CPAN Emerging Cricketer of the Year
4. NCCS-CPAN Moment of the Year
5. NCCS-CPAN Lifetime Achievement Award

Here's your chance to vote for the "NCCS-CPAN Moment of the Year" category... You can VOTE online from a shortlist of selected 10 outstanding cricketing moments……

Winners of the rest categories (Nos. 1, 2 & 3) will be decided by the Independent Technical Committee.

An individual contributing for a long time to the cricket will be given “NCCS-CPAN Lifetime Achievement Award”.

Voting Rules:

1. Online voting is limited to only ONE VOTE from ONE device.
2. Once a voting process is started, it must be completed since re-voting from the same device will NOT be allowed.
3. One can change the vote before submitting by clicking on the name of the player voted. This will result in re-direction to the voting page again.
4. You can VOTE by following the link: