Cricket has arguably become most popular game of sport in Nepal. In the context of Nepal playing T-20 World Cup and subsequently receiving Twenty20 International (T20I) status and gaining One Day International (ODI) status for the first time in 2018, the fan following interest in cricket has grown by leaps and bounds. The number of cricket players is also growing day by day in every nook and corner of the country.

For the sustainable development of cricket, it is prerequisite to secure players' life and improve them on a continuous basis.

Players being one of the most important stakeholders of the game, it was imperative to build momentum for consensus organizing so as to build relationships, identify common ground, unite cricketers to work as a team and get something tangible done for the development of cricket and players in the country.

Heretofore, Cricket Players' Association Nepal (CPAN) has been formally formed by national and international cricket players of the country. It has been giving focus on developing social capital and cricketing networks and strengthening the capacity of the cricketers to overcome adversity and take advantage of opportunities. Effective problem solving is an important part of its business; working through difficulties, overcoming cricketing challenges, and finding solutions that helps players to excel and advance forward.